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What would you like to be different in your work life? How do you sort out your options and possibilities, whether within the company you work for now, changing employers, or stepping out on your own? If already self-employed, what will create more meaning and satisfaction for you?

Private coaching from No Boss! author Steven Cristol helps people make more disciplined choices for happiness and effectiveness when choosing their work and doing their work. It’s amazing what happens when people receive the professional and personal support they need at critical times in their lives and career.

Dozens of factors determine whether independent work is likely to have successful outcomes on what matters most. For many, it’s a beautiful path forward. For others, best to make the most of employment. Either way, Steven helps guide his coaching clients through the most important considerations and choices for each individual to realize a better work life.

If you’re a manager or executive, effectiveness and fulfillment hinge on a mix of skillful listening, prioritization, collaboration, delegation and negotiation – with strong accountability, good ideas, work-life balance and confronting truths that are not always easy to take. For both your sake and your employer’s, it’s important to be clear on which problems are beyond your control and which are of your own making and up to you to fix. Otherwise, you risk having your problems follow you if you do decide to make a change.

When looking for other opportunities, it’s challenging to sort out and balance the intellectual, emotional, psychological and financial aspects of changing careers, companies, or even roles within your company.

When confronted with multiple choices, Steven’s patented Strategic Harmony® choice optimization method is powerfully helpful in evaluating alternatives on the criteria that really matter. He will help you identify the optimum balance of a comfortable livelihood and leveraging your talent and experience while, above all, feeding your soul.