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Considering self-employment?

A recent Dartmouth College survey found that 70% of full-time employed workers would prefer to be self-employed. During Covid’s disruption, a quarter of workers have considered quitting their jobs (if they haven’t already) as they re-evaluate their work lives. If your dream includes being your own boss, this book is for you.

...Or already doing it?

Four times as many one-person businesses have been formed during Covid (not including gigs like driving for Uber or Doordash) as in a similar period during the last big disruption – the financial crisis. If you’re among them, let this book help make your work more productive and rewarding. And less stressful!

See what professional book reviewers are saying:

“Must read – 5 stars: Welcome to a realm of outcomes and decisions you never considered before you set out toward independent work. Ideas are interwoven from start to finish, referred back to, and tied together eloquently, providing a complete framework and road map that MUST be referenced along your No Boss journey”  Reedsy Discovery Editorial Reviews 

NO BOSS! should be on the reading list of any entrepreneur and those of any age contemplating self-employment. Cristol really shines, because his approach goes beyond the usual self-employment account to examine the psychological challenges that come with independence and self-driven action. If only one book on the subject were to be consulted, it should be NO BOSS!.”  Bookwatch