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An Unorthodox Guide to Self-Employment

Whether you’re already working for yourself, or just wondering if stepping out on your own is a better future, this book is your guide to identifying and thinking through issues that will make or break you when you’re your own boss.

“NO BOSS! should be on the reading list of any entrepreneur and those of any age contemplating self-employment. Cristol really shines, because his approach goes beyond the usual self-employment account to examine the psychological challenges that come with independence and self-driven action. If only one book on the subject were to be consulted,
it should be NO BOSS!.”  Bookwatch

“Must read – 5 stars … a complete framework and road map that MUST be referenced along your No Boss journey.”  Reedsy Discovery 

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Future of Work: Self-Employment Trends and Evolving Career Landscapes
— with Steven Cristol.
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The Covid pandemic has caused millions of people  around the world to reassess the role of work in the human experience. Are you one of them?

This disruption, with more working from home, has been an opportunity to reflect on whether returning to a pre-Covid job and  workplace is one’s best future. The “Great Resignation” has put more and more people on the independent journey. Many others, even well before Covid, have fantasized about being their own boss – but haven’t yet taken the plunge.

Self-employment can be immensely rewarding beyond making a living. Done right, it’s emotionally and psychologically rewarding as well. But it’s not a fit for everyone.

While other books advise readers on how to build a business or write a business plan, No Boss! helps you deeply understand whether independent work is a good fit for you – and if it is, how to make it more satisfying and productive.

Author Steven Cristol shares the joys, rewards, challenges, pitfalls and unvarnished truths of independent work in hard-won lessons from more than 30 years of doing it successfully. This is the book he wishes someone had handed him decades ago.